Published 9.6.2020

Metsähallitus gave its look a complete makeover, with pride and an eye toward the future

Metsähallitus' operations are based on responsibility. We aim to safeguard the biodiversity , curb climate change, create opportunities for responsible business, enhance regional vitality, promote well-being services in nature, and make a contribution to state revenues. Metsähallitus' strategy is changing in response to global challenges, such as climate change mitigation and adapting to change.

Our new strategy, which is currently being drafted, will increasingly place our activities in global frameworks, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and megatrends, such as climate change. “Our goal is to ensure that everyone – including future generations – has the opportunity to enjoy nature and the value it creates,” explains Juha S. Niemelä, Director General of Metsähallitus, regarding the future.

Fostering the value of nature responsibly across the generations

As part of the strategy work in progress has been reformed The Metsähallitus brand and logo will be more in line with the new way of doing and objectives. The new strategy is based on Metsähallitus’ purpose, which is to foster the value of nature responsibly across the generations.

The clarified brand is built upon the understanding of stakeholders, strategic responsibility and an intergenerational approach to doing things.

“Our target is to put our right to existence into words and challenge ourselves to honour our customer promise every day. Responsible actors communicate openly and transparently. “Accessibility and customer orientation are highlighted on our new website, which was just launched,” says Director of Communications, Terhi Koipijärvi.

The updated website contains, among other things, key information on Metsähallitus’ operations and topical organisation issues – also in Swedish, English and Sami. Accessibility is an important part of a responsible online service and the website aims to achieve AA level of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), as required by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. The website was updated by Satu Sorjonen, Web Communications Manager at Metsähallitus, in co-operation with Valu Digital Oy, and the accessibility audit was conducted by Eficode Oy.

The objective of the graphic redesign is to convey a sense of accessibility, clarity, inspiration and ease of use. The crown, reminiscent of the Kruunu (Finnish for ‘crown’) forests, has appeared in almost all Metsähallitus logos across decades. Even though the new Metsähallitus logo is linked to this interesting history, it also reflects the scope of the activities of the modern Metsähallitus, with reference to land and water, humankind and nature, activities and their impacts.

The design of the new logo was done primarily in-house by Metsähallitus, and was headed by the director of the Science Centre Pilke, Metsähallitus architect Heikki Hepoaho together with advertising agency KMG Turku. The new graphic guidelines were also drafted in close co-operation between Metsähallitus and KMG Turku. The new logo will be phased into use, and the old logo will still appear, for example, on some trail signs for some time.

Goal: closer co-operation

Development targets were identified in the brand work carried out jointly by Metsähallitus management and personnel. Metsähallitus employees want to co-operate more closely both internally and with stakeholders in the future. The aim is to examine the objectives and challenges in an intergenerational and global manner, because Metsähallitus can, through its actions, help to solve the great challenges facing humanity.

Further information:
Director of Communications Terhi Koipijärvi, tel. +358 206 39 4080