Published 9.2.2022

Fisheries management fees: The biggest fishers hail from the east and north

Paid fisheries management fees totalled EUR 9.7 million last year. A comparison between regions reveals where Finland’s most enthusiastic fishers live.

The fisheries management fee is obligatory for all fishers aged 18-64 who practice any other type of fishing than ice fishing, hook-and-line fishing or fishing with a simple herring rig. In 2021, Metsähallitus compared those who had paid the fisheries management fee by region and proportioned the number of payers to the population of the region.

The result was clear: the fee was paid most in North Karelia (7.28%), Kainuu (7.17%) and Lapland (7.10% of the population). The lowest number of fees paid were in Ostrobothnia (2.97%), South Ostrobothnia (3.21%) and Satakunta (3.66%). People from North Ostrobothnia, Central Finland and Savo were also shown to be relatively enthusiastic fishers. More than 5% of them paid the fisheries management fee.

‘The figures show both enthusiasm towards fishing by region and conscientiousness to pay the statutory fisheries management fee. Not everyone pays it, even if they’re supposed to. This was seen, for example, in Metsähallitus’ wilderness supervision report from last year. 5,7% of the inspected fishers didn’t have the necessary fishing permits or hadn’t paid the required fees’, says Jyrki Tolonen, Director of Game and Fisheries Services. A person fishing without having paid the fisheries management fee has to pay a fixed fine.

The age structure has not been taken into account in the regional comparison. If a relatively large number of people over the age of 65 or under 18 live in the area, there may be more fishers than shown in the statistics, as these age groups do not have to pay the statutory fisheries management fee.

A slight decrease from previous year

A total of 270,000 fisheries management fees were paid in 2021, which was 20,000 less than in 2020 which was a record year for fees paid.

In 2021, fisheries management fees were received in large numbers during the first half of the year until May. Preparations for the next fishing year also took place well in advance. More than 10,000 fisheries management fees for 2022 were sold at the end of last year.

The fisheries management fee can be paid for the entire calendar year (€ 45), a week (€ 15) or a day (€ 6). You can pay the fisheries management fee in Metsähallitus’ online shop at, use the Eräluvat app, call the service number 020 69 2424, or visit an R kiosk or one of Metsähallitus’ visitor centres.

Metsähallitus collects the fisheries management fees and passes them on to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The Ministry and the ELY Centres allocate funds for the planning and sustainable development and management of fishing waters, monitoring of fishing activity, promotion of recreational fishing, advisory services in the fisheries sector, the activities of fisheries areas and compensation to water area owners.

The proportion of people in the population who paid the fisheries management fee by region

North Karelia 7.28%
Kainuu 7.17%
Lapland 7.10%
North Savo 5.73%
North Ostrobothnia 5.50%
Central Finland 5.33%
South Savo 5.10%
South Karelia 4.70%
Pirkanmaa 4.50%
Kanta-Häme 4.15%
Päijät-Häme 4.13%
Southwest Finland 3.97%
Kymenlaakso 3.94%
Helsinki-Uusimaa 3.90%
Central Ostrobothnia 3.85%
Satakunta 3.66%
South Ostrobothnia 3.21%
Ostrobothnia 2.97%

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