Published 17.3.2020

Avoid hiking in most distant destinations and overnighting in wilderness huts

Updated March 18: Reservable and rental huts will be closed as of 21 March. Read more:

Metsähallitus, ie .Parks and Wildlife Finland has already recommended to avoid outdoor activities in the most popular destinations due to infection risk of the corona virus and traffic overload.

However, it is equally important to seriously consider not hiking in remote destinations. In Lapland, for instance, wilderness huts are tens of kilometres away from roads. It may take hours, and in bad weather conditions even days, to get help to wilderness huts and other remote destinations.

It is recommended to go outdoors during the corona virus epidemic. Metsähallitus understands that it may feel attractive to go away from crowds. However, Metsähallitus strongly recommends to avoid the remotest destinations. This decreases the need for demanding rescue operations, which again saves resources of other public rescue services. Hence, nature destinations close to home or otherwise within good connections are recommended.

Metsähallitus has not closed its wilderness huts. However, their use is not recommended, since diseases can spread there, and help is difficult to get.

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