Metsähallitus role as a project developer of offshore wind power

The role of Metsähallitus is to start the development of offshore wind power projects in Finnish territorial waters, organise tendering processes and grant reservation and right-of-use contracts to the partner selected in the tendering process.

Managing and developing state-owned land and water areas within the territorial waters are Metsähallitus’ statutory tasks. Similarly, we have a statutory basis for granting the partner selected in the tendering process an exclusive right to rent the project area.

Our operating model is very clear: We launch offshore wind power projects and pre-examine them to the stage in which sufficient security of implementation has been ensured. After that, we seek an experienced partner to develop and build the project.

After selecting a partner to continue the project, we act as the lessor of the area. As a state enterprise, we do not participate in energy production. The state retains ownership to the water area.

We also offer our expertise and contact network to the partner. Our goal is to ensure that the projects are implemented on the scale that the partner wishes and as smoothly as possible.

Years of experience in developing onshore wind power and an extensive stakeholder network help significantly in project development. In addition, our special strength lies in reconciling the objectives of society, business and a wide range of stakeholders.