A person coming along a broad wooden trail from a forest to an open mire with a guide dog.
An accessible nature trail in Kurjenrahka National Park. Photo by Katri Lehtola.

The project Nature Access to All (NatAc) aims at facilitating access to nature tourism by developing a chain of accessible nature tourism sites in Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

The project is active from 2019 to 2021.

14 nature sites in three regions – Western Latvia, Western Estonia and Southwest Finland – will be improved and made accessible to all, including people with disabilities, seniors or families travelling with baby-strollers etc.

A travel guide and a website will be published, giving information on accessible nature tourism destinations in western Latvia, western Estonia and southwest Finland, Kurjenrahka National Park.

An accessible nature trail in Kurjenrahka National Park

The new Karpalopolku nature trail was opened on the Finnish Nature Day 28th August 2021. It is accessible for many kinds of hikers.

The path is accessible for wheelchairs and prams. Due to a few climbs, assistance is recommended for wheelchairs. The guiding signs along the route serve the visually impaired, too.

The project is a joint co-operation venture with

Kurzeme Planning Region (kurzemesregions.lv), Latvia as a lead partner


The project budget is 762 931,78 euros. This interreg Central Baltic Project is financied by the EU Regional Development Fund.

Contact information

In Finland:

Project Manager Laura Lehtonen
Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
tel. int. +358 206 39 4659

Last updated 28 October 2021