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The new European Nature Academy (ENA) provides FREE tailor-made training and a series of practical capacity building courses for nature’s managers as a part of the LIFE ENABLE Project.

The European Nature Academy now welcomes 120 nature managers to join the training programme starting in January 2024 and lasting till mid March as on-line studies.

About the LIFE ENABLE project

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Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers work in a wide variety of roles, in multidisciplinary settings. Where you work is likely to be dynamic, constantly evolving and complex. You routinely face challenges and opportunities in your daily work, which require you to apply a special mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes. In almost all cases, as well as technical conservation skills, you need to work inclusively, in cooperation with local communities and other organisations, and be able to communicate what you are doing and why. The management choices you make and the ways in which you work are critical to achieving progress towards your objectives for nature.

LIFE ENABLE is designed to meet Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers’ training needs. It is creating the new European Nature Academy to provide tailor-made training and support your professional development.

The goal is to contribute to ensuring progress towards the realisation of the objectives and ambitions of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and underpinning policies (

To achieve this, the European Nature Academy’s cost-free training courses focus on the competencies required to manage Natura 2000 and Protected Areas more effectively.

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How does the European Nature Academy work

The new European Nature Academy is a training hub and provides access to a series of practical capacity building courses for nature’s managers. The courses are designed specifically to equip individuals and their organisations with the competencies they require to meet the challenges and opportunities of nature management in the coming decade.

There is no fee for the training. Also, your travel & subsistence costs to participate in the face-to-face networking events will be reimbursed and covered by the project.

Delivered in a series of online modules and networking events, the emphasis is on applied learning to improve management practices.

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At the European Nature Academy you can sharpen your skills with tailor-made on-line courses . Photo by EUROPARC.

Selection process

The ethos of the European Nature Academy is to include rather than exclude. Our priority is to select people from a wide range of backgrounds, with different levels of experience, from many different countries across Europe.

This is an international project so we need people with good levels of English.

What you can gain

The courses are unique and tailor-made – by participating, you can acquire the information, gain knowledge and develop the competencies and you need to work effectively in Natura 2000 and Protected Area management.

All the courses are designed to enable you to apply your learning – all tasks, exercises and assignments are opportunities for you to realise practical benefits in your work.

In addition, selected applicants will have opportunities to:

● work together with your peers from around Europe and gain new contacts, insights and knowledge about Natura 2000 and Protected Area management.
● find practical solutions for management challenges.
● build your own capacity and become familiar with new e-learning tools and the latest training approaches
● complete a personal Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the competencies required to improve your management expertise.
● At the end of the courses, you will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Our commitment to you

The learning environment will be highly interactive and participatory – we are not teachers, but rather ‘facilitators of learning’!

If you change jobs at any point during the courses, we will try to find a way to help you stay involved!

We will do all we can to secure your active involvement, feedback and ideas. Together with you, we will be able to demonstrate that your work and experience matter and are vitally important for Natura 2000 and Protected Areas!

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The project and all actions are made possible with support from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community.

Last updated 24 January 2024