Project development by Metsähallitus before the tendering processes

Offshore wind power project development on the Finnish territorial waters will be started with preliminary location planning. When selecting development sites, we make sure that there are no obstacles to progress from the state administration's side.

Once the local municipalities have approved the zoning initiatives, the tendering procedure, similar to the M&A process, will be opened.

In project development and tendering we have taken into account the experiences gained from the Korsnäs offshore wind project in 2022.

The initial planning of the location of the offshore wind farm starts from the geographical identification and definition of suitable areas. The pre-selection is based on, for example, geographical information data, which will exclude areas close to valuable nature sites automatically from the examination.

In addition to considering natural values, the sites must be located at a sufficient distance from the areas of the Defence Forces. Naturally, commercial shipping lanes, fishing areas and distance to the mainland, as well as water depth and numerous other factors affecting construction will be considered already in the preliminary location planning.

Optimal conditions

In the areas examined on the western coast of Finland, the water depth (10-40 m) is optimal for offshore wind power construction. The seabed off the coast becomes steadily deeper and the optimum depths are located at a suitable distance from the coast. The studies show that the structure of the seabed is suitable for building gravitation foundations.

In cooperation with the local municipality

In accordance with Finnish legislation, the local municipality is responsible for the zoning of its areas. When a city or municipality is interested in the project, Metsähallitus submits a zoning initiative to it. Once the initiative has been approved, the next step is the central government permit process.

The local municipality or city and Metsähallitus take the project forward together. The partner selected through the competitive tendering will continue the same good cooperation also in the local community.

On average, the attitude towards wind power projects in Finland is positive, as the real estate tax revenues of the offshore wind farm are directed to the benefit of the local community.

Central government permits

Metsähallitus has the right to transfer state-owned properties under its control by exchanging them or renting them when the transfer is deemed financially expedient. This is regulated by the Act on the Right to Transfer State Real Estate Assets.

Once the preliminary list of offshore wind farms has been drawn up, we will obtain the necessary permits from the central government. The Government approves the list of potential project development areas in accordance with the Act on the Right to Transfer State Real Estate Assets. In addition, numerous other permits issued by central government actors are needed.

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