Published 5.3.2024

Metsähallitus to arrange a site allocation competition in Kilpisjärvi: the winner of the competition must commit to implementing its plan

Metsähallitus and the municipality of Enontekiö are working together on a zoning project that will provide unique sites for the tourism industry in Kilpisjärvi, Enontekiö. There will be four business plots to the north of the village of Kilpisjärvi, along Highway 21, in the armpit of Saananjoki and Kilpisjärvi. Plots for permanent housing will also become available later.

“There has been a strong demand for detached house plots and tourism plots in Kilpisjärvi, and I believe that there’s also latent demand for tourism plots. Not everyone comes to us asking about the possibility of zoning if there are no plots available,” says Tanja Hämäläinen, Lead Specialist in Land Use Management at Metsähallitus.

“The plots will be put up for tender in a site allocation competition, which allows us to assess the quality of the construction and how it suits the region,” Hämäläinen continues.

“The aim of the competition is to build a pleasant, attractive and high-quality tourism services area around Saananjoki that strengthens the region’s identity and supports Enontekiö municipality’s goal of developing the provision of services related to the tourism industry,” says Petri Härkönen, Mayor of Enontekiö.

“Tourism in the Kilpisjärvi area is growing strongly, and unique plots will now be available. You should grab them while you can,” Härkönen says.

“We ask the participants to submit proposals for the planning and implementation of the plots. The aim is to find architecturally high-quality and feasible construction plans. The plan must also be presented visually so that it shows how the plot and its functions would look. In addition, the proposals must illustrate how the plot relates to its surroundings,” Hämäläinen continues.

The planning of the area emphasises solutions that are in line with sustainable development and high-quality tourism construction that considers the environment, as the area is located in the vicinity of a landscape area of national value.

“But we are not just looking for plans, but also for those who implement them. The winner or winners of the competition must commit to developing the area together with Metsähallitus and the municipality of Enontekiö,” Hämäläinen outlines. In addition, the winner or winners undertake to comply with Metsähallitus’ Code of Conduct on Responsibility.

During further planning, the selected planning and implementation groups must be prepared to reconcile their plans with other implementers in the area to achieve the best outcome. Metsähallitus and the municipality of Enontekiö have the right to direct and propose changes to the winning plans.

The winners of the competition must also rent the plots within three months after the Saananjoki local detailed plan has been announced to enter into force, provided that the plots are ready for construction.

“We can announce the winners in early summer,” Hämäläinen and Härkönen say.

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Mayor Petri Härkönen, Municipality of Enontekiö,