Press Releases

Published 19.10.2020

A hunting accident in Urho Kekkonen National park – it is still safe to travel in nature

Published 2.10.2020

OX2 acquires project rights to Rustari wind farm in Kurikka from Metsähallitus

Published 28.9.2020

Metsähallitus drafting a new natural resources plan for the Sámi Homeland

Published 11.9.2020

This summer, fishing attracted interest from people of all ages – revenues from fisheries management fees already EUR 10 million

Published 8.9.2020

The trade of Tolpanvaara wind farm in Pudasjärvi received the final touch

Published 13.8.2020

Metsähallitus’ forest management measures promote spruce diversity in Paljakka gene reserve forest

Published 13.7.2020

Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark becomes Finland's second UNESCO Global Geopark

Published 30.6.2020

The renewed is an excellent service for hikers in Finland

Published 9.6.2020

Metsähallitus gave its look a complete makeover, with pride and an eye toward the future

Published 23.5.2020

Metsähallitus is creating prerequisites for the production of clean energy – Piiparinmäki-Murtomäki over 200 MW:n wind farm to be sold to Ilmatar Energy