Building sales

Metsähallitus sells buildings of all sorts: from wilderness huts to office buildings and detached houses.

Some of the sites are sold at a fixed price or on the basis of offers on our website, while others are auctioned on website. You usually have a few months to place your bid after the site goes on sale. When a site is auctioned, it will have a predefined date for final bids and everyone can see what others are willing to pay, so they can raise their own offer.

Some of the buildings are sold on their own plot of land, while others are sold for transfer. Before selling, we have the building’s condition assessed and clarify its protection status, electrification, water supply and other related matters depending on the site. For buildings sold for demolition, we will acquire the demolition permit beforehand and determine how the rubble should be handled.

Contact information

Kari Männistö

Sales Manager

Metsähallitus Property Development
PL 8016 (Ounasjoentie 6)
96101 Rovaniemi

Tel. 0206397681