The project covered a total of 64 Natura 2000 sites, from the Archipelago Sea in the south to Kuusamo in the north and ecological management measures were carried out in all of them. When the management measures were planned and implemented, careful consideration was given to the requirements of different plants, animals and fungi so that the important species inhabiting the areas could be protected. An inventory carried out before the start of the management measures also ensured the protection of cultural heritage sites.

Management and site use plans were drawn up for three Natura sites, allowing different requirements concerning the use of the sites to be reconciled with conservation objectives.

At five sites, environmental management measures were carried out as part of WWF restoration camps for volunteers. At eight sites, there were Senior Ranger events, which were mainly intended for pensioners. As part of the events, practical environmental management work was carried out and information about the natural and cultural importance of the sites provided.

Please note project site numbers 8 and 61 are not shown on the map as they were not included in the definite project entity.

Last updated 29 May 2020