Reflecton of History is a light installation to highlight Raseborg castle ruins.

About the Lights On! Project


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Winner of the International light art competition for Lightson! event at the Raseborg castle 2017

  • Concept, design & animations: Paula Lehtonen & Jenni Pystynen
  • Music: Miki Brunou
  • Customer: Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland &  LightsOn! Project.

Finnish-Estonian project shedded light on eight historical tourist attractions

The Lights On! Project, active in 2015–2018, seeked to create a joint network of historical tourist attractions in Finland and Estonia.

The project shedded new light on the enchanting shared past of the North-Eastern Baltic Sea. It encouraged people to visit spectacular ruins, fortresses and hill forts in both countries, and improved their quality as tourist destinations.

Contact information

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
Project Manager was Aino von Boehm

The lighting design competition was won by ”Reflect of History” by Jenni Pystynen and Paula Lehtonen. Their light installation highlighted an event at Raseborg castle ruins in August 2017. The event was part of the Finland 100 Years programme, and it will took place on the Night of Ancient Bonfires in connection with Finnish Nature Day.

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Last updated 27 May 2020