Careers and Internships

We here at Metsähallitus are fostering our future.

We produce renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests to replace fossil materials and we make it possible to enjoy nature by hiking, cottages, hunting and fishing. We are creating solutions for a more responsible future: renewable energy and sustainable tourism. We bring joy, health and well-being to millions of people through our work. Our work is multifaceted. We work in offices and outside them, from north to south, east to west, on land and at sea, on one third of Finland’s total surface area.

We promote diversity in the work community. Our well-being stems from expertise, co-operation, trust and respect for each other. In the work community, we ensure equal treatment and we understand and take into account each other’s life situations. We encourage each other to move forward. Good interaction skills, the ability to plan and manage your own work, curiosity and flexibility help us achieve our common goals.

In our mission, we co-ordinate with our customers and stakeholders, listening to their various goals and discussing them together. In our work, we utilise information that we gather together both in Finland and internationally. We are an influential and responsible part of society. What we do and how we create solutions for a sustainable future are important to us. We act in the best interests of nature, people and society.

The future is based on today’s choices and actions. We want to ensure that everyone, including future generations, has the opportunity to enjoy nature and the value it creates. This is what we work for every day.  

Careers and Internships

All in all, Metsähallitus employs some 1,200 professionals in a range of competence areas around Finland.

In summer, we offer internships and seasonal job opportunities. Skills are the decisive factor at Metsähallitus and diversity is appreciated, which is why we sometimes opt for anonymous recruitments and positive discrimination.  

We use an electronic recruitment system and do not accept open applications. To enquire about internships, contact the managers of different areas of expertise.

As Finnish is the working language of Metsähallitus, our job advertisements are mostly published in that language, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information in English.